best uses

the personal

Theia’s system promises a sense of security for the regular home or business owner and allows them to focus on their work, instead of constantly worrying about the safety of their assets. Because Theia uses an AI program, its accuracy increases as well. Sometimes, an warning from a security system cannot differentiate between a harmful or harmless person. When a cousin or family member who doesn’t live in that house enters the wrong way, many useless warnings are sent, not only distracting the homeowner but wasting energy. However, Theia differentiates between a harmful and harmless person based on the psychology of that person. If Theia scans a person’s brain and sees a part activated when a person feels hatred, it will send a warning to the homeowner.

the economic

Theia allows people to save money by removing the need for homeowner insurance. Right now, homeowner insurance costs about $35 per $100,000 of house value. But, because it tends to be the more extravagant houses that need security systems, this value can skyrocket. That is why using Theia with an unchanging fee is superior. Plus, as the budget and market for security system increases (CBInsights) and technology improves, the cost will go down. You don’t want to be the one missing out on this!

the educational

At ChiRobotics, we offer educational courses with Theia. It will allow our customers to learn the psychology behind a person’s behavior. As our system uses AI to detect the emotions of a visitor and detects if that visitor is a danger or not, it allows the homeowner to learn what to look for if our system happens to malfunction. Prior to purchasing this system, we will offer classes to educate or customers on the psychology of the human being in case the system ever malfunctions. In the long run, this will not only help users learn, but be safe. There will be fun benefits that come out of the class. To encourage practicing, we have developed an app that comes with the system to detect anyone’s psychology anywhere. It can not only connect to your security system, so you can see your visitor anywhere, but also allows you to test your skills with your friends and family members.

don't forget research

Theia also promotes research purposes. As it is based on AI, which is a constantly changing technology, we and homeowners can constantly try and improve the security system. Other than AI that detects harmful emotions of an outsider and making an alarm, some future research topics could center around improving the sensor’s distance, helping it detect harmful people from afar, thus saving an entire neighborhood.