ensuring safety

user protection

We at ChiRobotics ensure that Theia will provide reliable service. Theia is unable to inflict harm by design. It’s sole purpose is to observe and alert. However, one should take great caution in modifying wiring in the system due to the high voltage required to power systems in order to avoid electrocution.

Warning: If a user happens to have hyperacusis or hypersensitivity to noise, we recommend adjusting alarm volume or frequencies, or in extreme cases, replace audible alarms by installing visual alarms throughout your home. Conversely, individuals with photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) should avoid opting for visual alarms. (For those with sensory impairment, a tactile warning system may be attached to worn accessories.) Please do be aware of the liabilities that come with this system. Our AI system may not be 100% accurate. Many people may learn how to override our AI system by changing their emotions and hiding them so that our program cannot detect the harmful emotions within them.

chirobotics is not responsible for any injuries related to private alarm systems caused by sensory sensitivity.

Nevertheless, this issue should not be too big of a worry as we will continue to research to improve. Please rest assured in our system as it is interactive. You will be able to see your home and the people outside of it with just a simple app on your phone that connects to Theia.